Yet another failed attempt at upgrading to Windows 10

Tonight I had the time to try upgrading from Windows 8.1 Professional to Windows 10 Professional again. I think this is my 11th attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 (I’ve honestly lost count). And tonight I downloaded the .ISO file and run the setup from within it. It did get past the place where it was hanging before. So I thought I was out of the woods, finally.

In that I was deceived, because when it was trying to finalize things and let me log in, I got the following error:


now the keyboard doesn’t work, it refuses to connect to my Wi-Fi network and basically I’ve now got a nearly useless laptop. I’m not even sure I can get it back to Windows 8.1 Pro anymore, if I cannot use the keyboard. I cannot even power it down or log it off because its refusing to work. Pretty bad.

My upgrade to Windows 10 continues to encounter problems

I continue to encounter problems trying to upgrade my Sony VAIO from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. I called Microsoft technical support to get more help. They wanted me to try the regular update routine. However I suspect that the issue is still with Sony, who suggested that I upgrade to Windows 10 first before upgrading the device drivers. Next I get the error. See the picture attached.

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Having major problems upgrading my laptop

As I recently posted I have a Sony VAIO laptop. I tried some time ago to upgrade it. Sony sent me an email a couple of weeks ago saying that they’re ready. What I’m supposed to do is upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (I’ve currently got Windows 8.1 Pro) and then get the updated device drivers.

Well I started that process 2 days ago. It got to 97% done (88% finished configuring). And there it sat for 2 days (I was afraid to do more).

Microsoft’s Windows Support on Twitter has said that I’ve got to shut down the machine and try to recover.

Will keep you all posted…


I’m thankful to be employed

Today is Thanksgiving Day 2015. Normally I don’t post about daily things, as I tend to keep this blog for technical posts in nature, but I felt that I had to post something that I’m thankful for this year. In short, I’m thankful for my job.

Such a change a year can make

Last year was a very hard year for my family and I. After working for several years at my previous job, I was one of those laid off in 2014 due to on going budgetary cutbacks. My previous employer had been experiencing cutbacks in budget each year since 2008. This resulted in layoffs each year due to those cutbacks.  According to Wikipedia the Great Recession ended in 2009. But it isn’t exactly like everything turns rosy and suddenly industry is operating at 200% of its previous efficiency and productivity. Certain places lag behind others, sometimes by years. Where we live, we lag by a lot.

2014 for us was very hard. Thanksgiving 2014 for us was humble. We weren’t sure when I was going to get a new job. When you’re unemployed for a while each purchase is a trade off between do we eat something or save money for a job search. You cut what you can, to help make something else you need come about. Or at least you hope. It took longer, but it finally came.

 This year is better

This year is better. This year I have a new job. We can buy our own turkey. We’re not worried as we were a year ago. In this day and age Thanksgiving tends to be a forgotten holiday, offering little more than food, football and fast purchasing in preparation for Christmas. But for me it is a time to reflect. I think back to last Thanksgiving and compare it to this Thanksgiving. I thank God for my new job.

Thanksgiving Painting.png

Quick Update on the Sony VAIO drivers and Windows 10

As I posted previously, if you’ve got a Sony VAIO that’s a few years old, you shouldn’t update to Windows 10, due to some device driver issues. I called Sony Technical Support to find out when they’ll get those drivers updated. They told me it would be mid-November 2015. So I’m going to be waiting for the week of November 15th before I give it another try.

An excellent compilation of what’s new in XAML and Windows 10

I’ve behind in listening to the Dot Net Rocks podcast. (Sorry Carl and Richard.) I was listening to one from May of this year. They mentioned a web page by Sahil Malek titled New in XAML VS2015 Windows 10. Sahil has made several tweets about what’s new in XAML in Windows 10. I’m very thankful that he’s tweeted on all of these cool, new things!!